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主演:劳塔罗‧罗德里格斯 胡安·巴贝里尼 Patricio Rodríguez 

更新时间:2020-06-05 08:06:06

简介: In El cazador, Argentinian director Marco Berger reveals the sexual awakening, uncertainty and lust of the beautiful, 15-year old Ezéquiel. When his parents go to Europe for a month, he has the house to himself and makes the most of it. He takes classmates home only to find out, again and again, that they arent attracted to boys. But one day, he hits the jackpot when he meets tough-looking Mono at the skatepark. But the meeting with Mono delivers much more than the connection, intimacy and sex he sought. He lands in a chilling situation that possibly makes him lonlier than he already was. El cazador is a compact drama that deals with a tough subject in a conspicuously subdued manner.